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You can apply for an urgent loan online or visit the lender’s office in person. Below we will describe the advantages of applying online, as well as publish a list of direct lenders near you.

Fast online payday loans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with no fax

Why online short term loans are profitable:

✅ You can apply for a loan around the clock (24 hours / 7 days)
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✅ Any amount from 100 to 1000 dollars (and even $5000)
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✅ No queues, no waiting
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Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online
Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online

Served areas:

  • Postal / zip codes: 19019 , 19092 , 19093 , 19099 , 19101 , 19102 , 19103 , 19104 , 19105 , 19106 , 19107 , 19108 , 19109 , 19110 , 19111 , 19112 , 19113 , 19114 , 19115 , 19116 , 19118 , 19119 , 19120 , 19121 , 19122 , 19123 , 19124 , 19125 , 19126 , 19127 , 19128 , 19129 , 19130 , 19131 , 19132 , 19133 , 19134 , 19135 , 19136 , 19137 , 19138 , 19139 , 19140 , 19141 , 19142 , 19143 , 19144 , 19145 , 19146 , 19147 , 19148 , 19149 , 19150 , 19151 , 19152 , 19153 , 19154 , 19155 , 19160 , 19161 , 19162 , 19170 , 19171 , 19172 , 19173 , 19175 , 19176 , 19177 , 19178 , 19179 , 19181 , 19182 , 19183 , 19184 , 19185 , 19187 , 19188 , 19190 , 19191 , 19192 , 19193 , 19194 , 19195 , 19196 , 19197 , 19244 , 19255
  • Area code(s): 215 , 267 , 445 , 484 , 610

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Direct payday loan companies near you (lenders locations)

Addresses / phone numbers of offices working nearby you:

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Company nameAddressZip codePhone number
ALL Cash Express157 S 60th St19139(215) 471-0839
K & A Moneyloan-Pawnbrokers3149 Kensington Ave # 5119134(215) 425-5600
CW Check Cashing LLC3701 N 5th St19140(215) 223-4200
Society Hill Loans645 South St19147(215) 925-7357
Money Mart930 Market St19107(215) 928-1368
United Check Cashing355 Snyder Ave19148(215) 334-7543
ALL Cash Express2401 Kensington Ave19125(215) 634-6009
United Check Cashing2654 S 2nd St19148(215) 389-5448
United Check Cashing628 S Broad St19146(215) 735-5154
United Check Cashing1142 Franklin Mills Cir19154(215) 281-0877
Chase Bank1650 Market St19103(215) 640-3400
Wachovia Securities LLC2312 Benson St19152(215) 572-4227
Santander Bank9808 Bustleton Avenue19115(215) 676-4494
Santander Bank101 East Olney Avenue19120(215) 224-3200
Santander Bank2701 South Tenth Street19148(215) 334-2718
Santander Bank3802 Chestnut Street19104(215) 594-4620
Santander Bank1501 East Erie Avenue19124(215) 537-6479
Santander Bank9200 Roosevelt Boulevard19115(215) 698-3840
Santander Bank6740 Germantown Avenue19119(215) 842-4881
Santander Bank5022-24 City Line Avenue19131(610) 664-6250
Santander Bank5601 North Broad Street19141(215) 924-3900
Fast Cash Inc2452 W Toronto St19132(215) 227-1381
Fast Cash Inc628 W Luzerne St19140(215) 223-2051
Fast Cash Inc2201 W Oxford St19121(215) 232-3718
Fast Cash457 E Washington Ln19144(215) 951-6936
Jamzco Inc5300 Tabor Ave19120(215) 533-0100
Santander Bank1500 Market Str19102(267) 675-0600
Santander Bank6500-06 Woodland Avenue19142(215) 729-1980
Fast Cash Inc1634 Mount Vernon St19130(215) 765-0615
Fast Cash Inc2839 W Allegheny Ave19132(215) 223-1050
Rosenbergs Check Cashing Inc2204 W Erie Ave, Ste 219140(215) 223-1350
Fast Cash Inc5109 Germantown Ave19144(215) 848-0526
Jolley’s Money Loan6214 Woodland Ave19142(215) 727-2340
ALL Cash Express738 S 52nd St19143(267) 469-0951
Glenwood Check Cashing2822 N Broad St19132(215) 225-0585
Girard Check Exchange946 S 58th St19143(215) 474-5602
Global Currency Services920 Washington Ave19147(215) 271-7822
Ace Check Exchange Inc2400 N 29th St19132(215) 227-2274
ALL Cash Express2840 W Girard Ave19130(267) 766-0079
ALL Cash Express1548 Pratt St19124(267) 499-4454
ALL Cash Express5045 Wayne Ave19144(267) 800-7621
Financial Exchange Centers Of America Inc3099 Kensington Ave19134(215) 203-0349
ALL Cash Express1349 W Olney Ave19141(215) 424-7070
ALL Cash Express5450 N 5th St19120(215) 548-2988
ALL Cash Express1206 N 52nd St19131(215) 473-3171
ALL Cash Express1503 E Wadsworth Ave19150(215) 248-2800
Terminal Check Cashing Svc1324 W Olney Ave19141(215) 224-1166
Boost Mobile3572 Frankford Ave19134(215) 744-7215
Discount Multiple Financial5004 N 5th St19120(215) 457-2330
Check Cashing Store3133 N Broad St19132(215) 228-5889
Fast Cash Inc801 W Bristol St19140(215) 324-2049
Diamond Check Cashing4261 Frankford Ave19124(215) 743-0221
Cash Chek1356 W Girard Ave19123(215) 763-0286
Financial Exchange Inc3600 N 20th St19140(215) 226-0550
ALL Cash Express5045 Wayne Ave19144(215) 849-9089
White Goldman Inc721 W Sedgley Ave19140(215) 225-3000
ALL Cash Express22 N 60th St, Ste 2619139(215) 747-4910
Fast Cash ATM455 E Cambria St19134(215) 426-1673
Fast Cash2801 N Howard St19133(215) 426-0685
The Clearing House401 N Broad St19108(215) 351-0175
Quick Cash9925 Bustleton Ave, Ste 1435919115(267) 225-6260
Buckley And Company Inc1800 S 34th St19145(215) 463-1110
Check Cashing Oxford6391 Oxford Ave, Ste A619111(215) 744-0421
Fast Cash Inc1607 E Erie Ave19124(215) 535-2946
Fast Cash Inc1013 N 40th St19104(215) 222-1790
Amber Check Cashing And Auto Tags449 W Dauphin St19133(215) 278-2511
Taig Inc7226 Grays Ave19142(215) 492-0497
Go Free Financial3701 N 5th St19140(215) 729-4367
King Cash4300 Walnut St19104(215) 222-0317
A Plus Check Cashing6837 Torresdale Ave, Ste A19135(215) 331-4169
George’s Check Cashing5547 Chester Ave19143(215) 729-1533
Bamboo Interprise Inc226 E Allegheny Ave19134(267) 519-3101
Silver Dollar Check Exchange628 S Broad St19146(215) 735-5154
Instant Cash6208 Ridge Ave19128(215) 483-4142
Financial Exchange Company Ofpennsylvania Inc101 W Chelten Ave, Ste S19144(215) 438-1044
Fast Cash Inc4056 N 8th St19140(215) 225-1982
Bob’s Check Cashing & Pawn Shp2777 Kensington Ave19134(215) 423-2420
Solomon Multiservices Inc5930 Old York Rd19141(267) 297-7056
Fast Cash1500 S 12th St19147(215) 271-1305
Vail Communications Inc118 E Hartwell Ln19118(215) 242-1705
ALL Cash Express559 N 63rd St19151(215) 748-8587
Fast Cash Inc5232 Torresdale Ave19124(215) 744-4598
Fast Cash Inc1500 N 28th St19121(215) 235-2418
Fast Cash Inc7202 Ogontz Ave19138(215) 549-9840
Westside Check Cashing II7248 Castor Ave19149(215) 745-5899
FAST CASH INC898 Anchor St, FL119124(215) 533-5847
Fast Cash Atm6400 Dicks Ave19142(215) 724-2126
Fast Cash Atm2533 N 26th St19132(215) 229-3851
Currency One859 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 425-6433
Fast Cash Atm1901 Kinsey St19124(215) 533-3956
Eighth & Snyder Check Cashing801 Snyder Ave19148(215) 755-5922
Boost Mobile1202 E Hunting Park Ave19124(215) 744-8002
ALL Cash Express5450 N 5th St19120(267) 766-0317
United Check Cashing2360 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 739-1530
ALL Cash Express6137 Woodland Ave19142(267) 766-0040
ALL Cash Express8 N 52nd St19139(267) 766-0228
Fast Cash2900 N Fairhill St19133(215) 221-6545
Fast Cash Atm4421 N Broad St19140(215) 457-1853
ALL Cash Express1349 W Olney Ave19141(267) 766-0271
Global Currency Services Inc1269 S 21st St19146(215) 334-5130
ALL Cash Express1206 N 52nd St19131(267) 296-9128
ALL Cash Express4244 N Broad St19140(267) 687-0685
Fast Cash Inc5051 Wissahickon Ave19144(215) 844-5274
ALL Cash Express6303 Stenton Ave19138(267) 766-0082
ALL Cash Express3544 Germantown Ave19140(267) 766-0059
ALL Cash Express2 W Chelten Ave19144(267) 766-0024
Fast Cash318 S 5th St19106(215) 238-1231
ALL Cash Express22 N 60th St19139(267) 800-7901
Budget Check Cashing5222 Torresdale Ave19124(215) 535-5585
Diamond Check Cashing3943 Kensington Ave19124(215) 288-9450
Fast Cash2056 Bridge St19124(215) 288-4860
ALL Cash Express3714 N Broad St19140(267) 766-0241
ALL Cash Express2129 W Diamond St19121(267) 766-0239
Cottman Check Cashing7385 Melrose St19136(215) 624-7789
ALL Cash Express1503 E Wadsworth Ave19150(267) 499-4435
Mely’s Auto Tag & Multi Svc100 E Allegheny Ave19134(267) 319-1533
Fast Cash Inc128 S 60th St19139(215) 474-6970
Whitman Check Cashing2700 S Randolph St19148(215) 755-4520
Ace Check Cashing6121 Ridge Ave19128(215) 483-4445
Broad & Windrim Check Cashing5015 N Broad St19141(215) 324-3111
Go Free Financial2248 Cottman Ave19149(215) 742-7700
Dimka Check Cashing1200 N 52nd St19131(215) 877-0145
100 Percent Made In Brazil7915 Bustleton Ave19152(215) 613-7830
S T E P Into The World3726 Baring St19104(267) 257-3122
ALL Cash Express1204 S 31st St19146(215) 468-0912
JB Convenience Center2822 N Broad St19132(215) 225-0585
ALL Cash Express2840 W Girard Ave19130(215) 236-5406
ALL Cash Express2129 W Diamond St19121(215) 236-6639
Fast Cash Inc5882 N 7th St19120(215) 549-4941
Fast Cash Inc4948 Rising Sun Ave19120(215) 456-0605
Cash For Records319 N 11th St, Fl319107(215) 834-8806
Dollar Check Cash2301 N Front St19133(215) 739-5997
Fast Cash1551 Mckean St19145(215) 468-1367
Fast Cash Inc1752 N 20th St19121(215) 763-3908
Fast Cash Atm1025 W Ruscomb St19141(215) 329-9539
Fast Cash Atm1900 E Chelten Ave19138(215) 924-7475
Fast Cash Inc3260 N Front St19140(215) 426-3614
Fast Cash ATM6560 N 18th St19126(215) 549-1043
Fast Cash5901 Belden St19149(215) 289-8594
Fast Cash ATM7937 Bustleton Ave19152(215) 745-0357
Fast Cash Inc368 E Wister St19144(215) 438-1376
Fast Cash Inc117 E Chelten Ave19144(215) 848-4673
Fast Cash ATM849 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 425-0539
Fast Cash Inc324 S 10th St19107(215) 413-9026
Fast Cash Inc4400 Devereaux St19135(215) 332-4942
Check & Cash Express227 W Lehigh Ave19133(215) 634-0600
Fast Cash Atm3706 N Broad St19140(215) 228-5535
Olney Financial3214 N Front St19140(215) 423-3090
Financial Exchange Center2933 N 22nd St19132(215) 225-8910
Cash Today5694 Rising Sun Ave19120(215) 722-6040
Fast Cash Inc1443 E Luzerne St19124(215) 743-4723
Fast Cash Atm3951 Roosevelt Blvd19124(215) 533-8317
Fast Cash Inc1508 Point Breeze Ave19146(215) 463-2637
Fast Cash Inc4764 Rorer St19120(215) 455-1236
Global Currency Services Inc857 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 425-8940
United Check Cashing5245 Rising Sun Ave19120(215) 329-6470
Financial Exchange Company Of Pennsylvania Inc2800 W Dauphin St19132(215) 225-7696
United Check Cashing2360 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 739-1530
J J Check Cashing4001 Torresdale Ave19124(215) 289-4480
United Check Cashing682 N Broad St19130(215) 765-6460
Girard Avenue Check Cashing1356 W Girard Ave19123(215) 763-0286
Financial Exchange Co Of Pa2200 Washington Ave19146(215) 985-0303
Diamond Check Cashing103 E Wyoming Ave19120(215) 455-4512
Liberty Check Cashing Inc520 W Girard Ave19123(215) 627-2502
C W Check Cashing LLC44 S 11th St19107(215) 665-9083
Ace Check Exchange Inc2235 Cecil B Moore Ave19121(215) 769-1800
United Check Cashing4265 Richmond St19137(215) 535-7350
Ace Check Exchange Inc1204 S 31st St19146(215) 468-0912
Stop & Save Check Cash2933 N 22nd St19132(215) 225-8910
Diamond Check Cashing2314 E Westmoreland St19134(215) 278-2144
ALL Cash Express1548 Pratt St19124(215) 533-5365
ALL Cash Express3714 N Broad St19140(215) 227-7030
ALL Cash Express738 S 52nd St19143(215) 474-7358
Ace Check Exchange Inc559 N 63rd St19151(215) 748-8587
Five Point Check Cashing1003 Cottman Ave19111(215) 742-3350
Americash Loans1575 N 52nd St19131(215) 477-1571
Philadelphia Cash Offer111 N Bread St19106(215) 618-2119
VWM Check Cashing4675 Frankford Ave19124(215) 535-2420
Fast Cash Atm828 W Huntingdon St19133(215) 228-2657
Cash Today Inc1418 Race St19102(215) 255-4170
Acme Check Cashing130 W Chelten Ave19144(215) 848-2140
Fast Cash3099 Potter St19134(215) 739-5219
United Check Cashing920 Washington Ave19147(215) 467-5622
Cash Express735 Chestnut St, # A19106(215) 922-1560
United Check Cashing325 Chestnut St, # 100519106(215) 238-0300
Lawsuit Funding Solutions LLC1500 John F Kennedy Blvd, Ste 219102(215) 278-7767
Currency Now1703 N 29th St19121(215) 232-8900
Fast Cash Inc1339 W Olney Ave19141(215) 924-0431
Fast Cash Inc5925 Morton St19144(215) 843-4183
Budget Check Cashing4201 N 9th St19140(215) 221-0404
Wilson’s Check Cashing1201 E Susquehanna Ave19125(215) 739-3560
1st United Pawn & Loan1123 S Broad St19147(215) 468-4200
ALL Cash Express4244 N Broad St19140(215) 324-4560
ALL Cash Express2 W Chelten Ave19144(215) 843-5297
ALL Cash Express8 N 52nd St19139(215) 476-1240
ALL Cash Express6303 Stenton Ave19138(215) 549-5170
ALL Cash Express3544 Germantown Ave, Ste 4619140(215) 225-6336
Alnor2226 Bryn Mawr Ave19131(215) 877-6151
ALL Cash Express6 S 52nd St19139(215) 747-2275
ALL Cash Express6137 Woodland Ave19142(215) 724-6221
Don’s Check Cashing3572 Frankford Ave19134(215) 744-7215
Budget Check Cashing7219 Torresdale Ave19135(215) 708-1010
Fast Cash Atm304 S 52nd St19143(215) 476-0656
Ameracash Solutions Inc6700 Haverford Ave19151(215) 528-5087
Cobra City2101 W Susquehanna Ave19121(215) 769-1550
Fast Cash Inc253 E Rockland St19120(215) 329-2347
Fast Cash1501 N 57th St19131(215) 877-2961
Americash Solutions2385 W Cheltenham Ave19150(215) 572-1247
Family Financial Centers101 W Louden St19120(215) 457-9590
Check Cashers300 W Cambria St19133(215) 739-2178
United Check Cashing1339 W Oregon Ave19148(215) 551-5616
Chestnut Check Cashing4638 Chestnut St19139(215) 474-4414
United Check Cashing1507 Spring Garden St19130(215) 665-8341
United Check Cashing1123 S Broad St19147(215) 468-4200
Richmond Check Cashing2990 Richmond St19134(215) 423-5957
ALL Cash Express6 S 52nd St19139(267) 766-0091
Currency One112 S 13th St19107(215) 772-9700
Friendly Money Loan Co4053 Lancaster Ave19104(215) 222-1525
Bargain Island7915 Bustleton Ave19152(215) 333-7181
Ameracash Solutions2301 W Oregon Ave19145(215) 463-2935
Leonard’s Check Cashing5717 Germantown Ave19144(215) 438-4630
Fast Cash1808 S Chris Columbus Blvd19019(215) 467-0128
Rezro Inc1646 N 29th St19121(215) 236-0987
Rezro Inc424 W Huntingdon St19133(215) 427-9144
Fast Cash Inc5535 Chester Ave19143(215) 724-1514
Olney Financial Svc LLC423 W Olney Ave19120(215) 548-1533
Fast Cash1800 N 26th St19121(215) 769-4365
University Check Cashing2451 N 54th St19131(215) 925-7150
54TH Street Check Cashing Inc2451 N 54th St19131(215) 477-7150
George’s Check Cashing6400 Woodland Ave, Ste A19142(215) 729-7392
Helene’s Check Cashing2301 N Front St19133(215) 739-5997
Ferco Check Cashing5011 N Broad St19141(215) 324-3000
Fast Cash Atm3654 N 7th St19140(215) 229-0916
ABC Check Cashing3214 N Front St19140(215) 423-2300
Kris Express Check Cashing2738 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 634-8816
King Check Cashing533 W Girard Ave19123(215) 236-9990
ALL Cash Express2235 Cecil B Moore Ave19121(215) 769-1800
Pratt Services Check Cashing1532 Pratt St, # 3419124(215) 289-7887
Fast Cash Inc5000 Gransback St19120(215) 329-2081
Cash For Cars Philly Bucks8306 Frankford Ave19136(267) 966-5650
Cashchk Inc9961 Bustleton Ave19115(215) 464-2323
Fast Cash Atm1831 E Tulpehocken St19138(215) 548-1733
ALL Cash Express2400 N 29th St19132(215) 227-2274
Acme Markets130 W Chelten Ave19144(215) 848-2140
Santander Bank6500-06 Woodland Avenue19142(215) 729-1980
Santander Bank1500 Market Str19102(267) 675-0600
K & A Moneyloan-Pawnbrokers3149 Kensington Ave , # 5119134(215) 586-5220
Leonard’s Money Loan5717 Germantown Ave19144(215) 438-4630
Rezro INC3354 N Front St19140(215) 634-0923
J V LLC4170 N Fairhill St19140(215) 228-9018
Ace Check Exchange Inc559 N 63rd St19151(215) 748-8587
Richmond Financial LLC6837 Torresdale Ave19135(215) 332-4163
Fast Cash Inc602 S Washington Sq19106(215) 923-1814
Wilson’s Check Cashing1201 E Susquehanna Ave19125(215) 543-6118
G And C Check Cashing2917 N 5th St19133(267) 319-1093
Universal Check Cashing Inc1300 E Cheltenham Ave19124(215) 613-7265
King Check Cashing12003 Roosevelt Blvd, Ste 119154(215) 677-7306
Diamond Check Cashing5601 Spruce St19139(215) 747-1717
Onemain Financial7512 Frankford Ave19136(215) 338-7550
Fast Cash Inc1701 Bridge St19124(215) 744-1063
Citibank1230 Arch St, Lbby19107(215) 391-1366
Citibank1760 Market St, Lbby19103(215) 391-1411
Academy Mortgage – Philadelphia1010 N Hancock St # 14219123(215) 259-3948
Onemain Financial11000 Roosevelt Blvd, Ste 15119116(215) 698-9297
OneMain Financial330 W Oregon Ave, Ste 5019148(215) 755-1615
Active Auto Tag738 Red Lion Rd19115(215) 677-9444
Kensington Gold And Pawn Shop1802 E Allegheny Ave19134(215) 425-4955
Active Financial Service 19827 Bustleton Ave19115(215) 573-9601
Balad Waqs Development Corporation1002 Levick St19111(267) 731-6144
Onemain Financial6418 Sackett St19149(215) 333-7725
Continental Home Loans111 S Independence Mall E19106(267) 687-7314
Heller Financial1500 John F Kennedy Blvd19102(215) 988-5960
J G Wentworth Inc30 S 15th St, # 119102(215) 567-7660
Own A Home Network430 N 6th St19123(215) 928-9050
Fast Cash Inc400 W Spencer St19120(215) 927-1821
Diversified Mortgage Services5547 Germantown Ave, Unit 20119144(267) 285-5000
Shepherd Alternative FundingPO Box 6318119114(877) 531-0555
First Prudential14425 Bustleton Ave19116(215) 281-1000
Law Suit Funding42 S 15th St19102(215) 599-6545
Collateral Processing Group LLC2701 Commerce Way19154(215) 676-3206
Opportunity Finance150 S Independence Mall W, Ste 57219106(215) 922-2527
Creative Financial Solutions3353 Englewood St19149(215) 747-9182
Open1315 Walnut St19107(215) 546-0511
Echo Premium Lender1617 John F Kennedy Blvd19103(888) 625-5189
Commerce Capital Advance Co1005 S Broad St # 133419147(215) 253-6614
Philly 1St Real Estate3166 Frankford Ave19134(215) 426-9477
Crusader Mortgage Corporation1334 Walnut St19107(215) 893-9500
Gryphon Financial Service1601 Market St, Ste 252519103(215) 567-4189
Academy Mortgage-Philadelphia1010 N Hancock St, Ste 14219123(215) 259-3948
Instant Legal Funding LLC1438 Snyder Ave19145(215) 468-2274
Structured Funding1928 Rittenhouse Sq19103(215) 200-0900
Acms Mortgage1305 Locust St19107(215) 599-8572
Arrow Group Mortgage9998 Global Rd19115(215) 673-6622
Southeast Toyota Finance401 Market St19106(314) 702-4622
Hyperion Bank1201 N 2nd St19122(215) 789-4200
Washington Savings Bank2900 Comly Rd19154(215) 698-9400
Credit Union American Heritage2060 Red Lion Rd19115(215) 969-8200
Conestoga Bank1032 Arch St, Fl119107(215) 320-4000
Nova Savings Bank1695 Grant Ave19115(215) 676-8195
Nova Savings Bank920 South St19147(215) 922-6682
TruMark Financial Credit Union12377 Academy Rd19154(215) 632-1042
Sovereign Bank6500 Woodland Ave19142(215) 729-1980
Martinez Grocery Store3301 N 2nd St19140(267) 519-2445
Conestoga Bank2301 Market St19103(215) 790-0438
Republic Bank1818 Market St, Ste 10019103(215) 564-6380
Prudential Savings Bank238 Moore St, Ste F19148(215) 463-0439
Citibank1515 Locust St19102(215) 875-7269
Heller Financial2 Penn Ctr19102(215) 988-5960

Use google map to find the nearest credit institution:

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