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Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online
Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online

What Is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan, also known as a cash advance (or quick loan), is a short-term, small-principal loan often used by internet users to cover immediate or unexpected expenses. Online payday loans are popular with savvy web browsers due to their convenient online application and fast funding. Just by entering some basic verification information and completing a simple online form, you could be approved for the money you need in just seconds (almost instantly) and be on your way to solving any short-term financial need.

Despite the ease of use, there are some requirements for applying for a payday loan. Most lenders require you to have a stable source of income, be 18 years of age or older and have a valid and active checking account, among other requirements. Having perfect credit is not a requirement however – which makes it a good choice for young professionals that might not have had much time to build their credit history (any adult US citizen can get up to $1000 cash advance even with bad credit score). Just by completing a couple verification steps, you could qualify for the money you need, even if you’ve been turned down for credit in the past.

And for those who are trying to improve their credit, using payday loans for life’s little emergencies can be a positive first step towards getting on a better financial footing. That’s because unlike overdraft penalties or bounced check fees – which end up hurting your credit – a payday loan is a more proactive solution, allowing you to take care of immediate needs before they get out of control.

Plus, at «NearMePayday.Loan», we work with only licensed and regulated online lenders, so you can rest easy knowing that your personal information is protected and your lender follows the rules of your state. It’s good to know you can work with someone you trust when life throws you an unexpected curveball.

Want to see how much you may qualify for? Apply for a quick payday loan online.

Payday Loans in Off-line Companies Located Near Me

Why go to store to get loans until payday?

The presence of payday loan stores has increased in communities all across America in recent years, as more people with less-than-perfect credit (with poor / bad credit history) are discovering they can get a short-term loan by this method. According to a report aired on National Public Radio, this is because banks and credit card companies have failed to devise a financial product to serve this sizeable market: the need by millions of people to borrow cash against their paychecks – everyone getting a payday loan necessarily is employed, because without a job a person has no paycheck to borrow against – is otherwise unfilled.

Payday Loans in Store in your City

A payday loan is simply a promise to repay an advance. For example, for the person earning $1000-2000 over two weeks time, they may be hit by an emergency expense a week before the pay check is issued. Rather than go without something vital such as medicines or auto repairs, that individual can borrow a portion of the anticipated check.

Note that borrowing limits, if any, vary by state. Some states restrict the loan amount to $300, others on up to $1000-1500 and some states place no restrictions. In some cases, the limit is a percent of income, such as 30% of the anticipated gross pay.

Some people are more comfortable with going to local stores nearby. This may be because they have used a particular store location in the past. Or, they choose not to use the Internet to transact financial business because they do not trust electronic data security.

Think twice about payday loan stores

But there are reasons to avoid bricks-and-mortar stores.

One is a lack of convenience. Working people, by definition, are busy. Busy with their jobs, and often busy with family and household responsibilities. On average, the working person spends around two hours every day traveling to and from their jobs. If that person has to throw in a diversion to a payday loan store, which might be far from home or work, it gets even more complicated.

Imagine you need money five days before your regularly-scheduled payday. You try to go to the store on your lunch hour, but work demands keep you from going. Then you try to do it on your way home from work, but road construction would require you to drive 25 minutes out of your way in thick traffic. So you resolve to do it in the morning, before work. Except the store doesn’t open until 8 a.m., you get there to see a long line at 8:05 a.m., deciding you would be late for work if you stood there.

That may have been a wise move, because the lines in a payday loan store can be long and slow moving. When people transact their business in these stores, it might take five minutes or more per customer. If you’re fifth in line, there goes a half hour. Wait another day before going and you might as well just wait for payday, in three days.

Bank robbers rob banks – because that’s where the money is

The legendary and notorious bank robber, Willie Sutton, was once asked by a reporter, “Why do you rob banks?” His response, which he later denied, was “Because that’s where the money is.” For payday loan stores, that is as frightening as it is true.

Payday loan companies (stores) typically have the standard levels of security: cameras, bullet-proof plate glass windows, sometimes a security guard on site. But some payday stores have none of those things. Apparently, they don’t need them.

Yet if you scroll the police blotters it is not hard to find incidents of theft and robbery at payday loan stores. If the store itself isn’t the target of the crime, the patrons are. Those same police reports show that customers are robbed as they leave the store with cash in their pockets.

Which store to trust?

Because so many payday loans are available in the 30+ states where they are allowed, there are a broad variety of lending plans available from each payday loan company.

You can request each store individually provide you with the terms of the loans they provide. That would be time-consuming, particularly when you are time pressed. Note also that state law, which limits variation somewhat, determines certain terms of payday loans.

Payday Loans Online: Finding Quick Short Term Loan without Faxing

You can now find money on your computer. It’s really actually right there, at your fingertips – with a little help from a mouse – and you can get that cash in a single business day. Most important, it the money will arrive before your next payday. And if you need the cash to pay for something online, there is an added plus: the money you find online is deposited directly, electronically into your checking account. So just a few more clicks and by tomorrow you can use that money however you wish.

Your tool is payday loans online, the fastest way to borrow against your next paycheck. Payday loans have been around a long time. Maybe you have been to a payday loan store on a street corner somewhere. Or maybe you got a friend or relative to spot you a loan that you would repay with your next check. Those all worked in one way or another.

But those means for getting cash early didn’t appeal to a lot of people. Probably, they are people who didn’t want to share personal financial information with others. Or they didn’t like going to payday loan stores in, um, shall we say dicey neighborhoods. Or maybe just the time involved held them back. Who wants to spend three hours (going there, standing in line, going back, faxing documents to follow up) trying to get a week’s advance on their paycheck?

Not me, not you and probably not your friends. That’s why payday loans online are such a breakthrough.

It takes about ten minutes, perhaps less, to apply and confirm your loan. Your money is there, in your checking account, by the next morning. Easy, simple, fast!

What to look for – and look out for

But not all payday loans online are the same. Some offer different terms from others – which is like saying they come with different price tags.

To take out payday loans online, you need to examine the loan terms carefully. That means you should consider the interest rates charges, other fees, the repayment schedule and late payment fees.

A good online payday loans company will offer several services to make the loan process go smoothly:

  • Easy application: If you’re doing it online, you expect a straightforward, easy-to-understand process. If the language is confusing, contact the customer service people or consult the help menu. The whole application should not consume more than fifteen minutes of your time.
  • Quick (or instant) approval: The online payday loans company you decide to work with should be able to determine if you will get the loan in minutes, no more than one hour.
  • Faxless (no fax needed): In some cases, lenders are ready to issue a loan even without faxing documents.
  • No hard credit check required: A traditional credit history reading is not necessary with a payday loan. What matters is that you have a job. Period.
  • No collateral required: Unlike with car title loans or traditional pawn stores, you do not need to provide collateral. A qualified online payday loans company simply values the working person, regardless of what you own.
  • Direct deposit: Your loan will be deposited into your checking account overnight by electronic funds transfer systems. This is a safe, secure and confidential method used by all corporations, banks and even governments to move trillions of dollars every day.

What should raise a red flag is if the online payday lender doesn’t offer each of these services, along with good customer service. If this is your first time, you should expect to have your questions answered by someone, either by phone or email or online chat.

«So-So» credit history OK

In the current economy, getting money from any source has been difficult for everyone. This includes people trying to buy homes, or current homeowners attempting to get a loan refinanced to a more affordable interest rate. Do not even dream of getting a new credit card if your credit history is less-than perfect, as credit card issuers have begun to apply extremely stringent criteria on card applicants.

Of course, if you do not have a job you will not be able to get a payday loan, either online or in a traditional store. But if you are employed, you have what is necessary – online payday loans are available to anyone anticipating a paycheck (at least three months employment required).

Answers to Some Common / Popular Questions About Loans Till Pay Day

As we said, a payday loan is a short-term loan that the borrower uses to cover expenses between the loan date and his or her next pay day. These loans are also called cash advances, because traditionally this type of loan came from an employer, cash in advance of the scheduled payday. Such loans were logical, as the employee has accumulated working time already and that employer already derived value from that labor. But few employers are able to make such loans or advances today. Read our F.A.Q for more information.

Is the payday loans transaction confidential?

The lender necessarily needs to know the borrower’s employment information in order to be able to make the loan. This often requires them to see a pay stub or verify by other means electronically (for online payday loans) that the prospective borrower is indeed employed.

Often, bank account numbers need to be shared between borrower and lender for either or both of two reasons. First, a payday lender may hold a post-dated check from the borrower, which is cashed upon the due date of the loan. This is a level of confidentiality that does not go beyond what any merchant may see when they receive payment for goods or services. If the lender offers loans online, that same checking account information is provided there.

Modern encryption technology used by more advanced payday lenders who make loan transactions online is very reliable in protection information from security breaches.

In store (if you contacted one of the credit companies near you personally) payday loans should be confidential. But the physical nature of the transaction – where you speak to a teller through a bulletproof glass window, while other patrons are standing in line behind you, does compromise your privacy to some degree. Conversely, online payday loans afford a much higher degree of confidentiality. Some lenders provide silent means of communicating with customer service personnel, such as through online chat or email. If the borrower through an online service needs to discuss a transaction question with a lender’s customer service depart on the phone, that degree of privacy is lost when done in an open office (i.e., cubicle) setting.

How soon do I have to pay the payday loan?

The payback date on a payday loan is typically set at the next payday. At higher rates and fees, that can be set up in advance to be paid in increments, say, half at the next payday and half at the payday to follow.

Users can extend payments further, but in many states that will enable the lender to compound the interest charges. This is the part of payday loans that is subject to the most criticism. In recent years, some states have outlawed payday loans altogether, while many took a middle position: to limit the total interest and fees charged of borrowers to a set amount. Borrowers should check the nominal annual percentage rate (APR) against the effective annual rate (EAR) to see what penalties occur if a loan payback date is missed.

Do I need direct deposit to get payday loans?

With in-store payday loans, it is generally the practice that you would receive actual cash in your loan. Some offer an option to have the money deposited electronically into your checking account. That is considered the safer means of conducting a payday loan transaction.

With online payday loans, you absolutely need a bank checking account where the money can be deposited directly into your account. This is done by means of electronic funds transfer, considered to be a very safe and very fast way to receive your payday loan cash. The better online payday loan companies will allow a direct deposit overnight, providing the cash needed by the borrower in one business day.

(!) A direct-deposit loan is advisable because it does not subject the borrow to potential theft or accidental loss of the cash.

Payday Loans Risks

Life is full of risks, and the business of personal finances, owning things and paying for them all carry some vulnerability. Simply getting out of bed in the morning has risk – you might slip in the dark and fall into a hard surface or down a stairway.

The point is to weigh those risks against the rewards: for example, by getting out of bed, you gain a whole new day of fun and opportunity (or perhaps a difficult meeting or two at work). If you bought a car on payments, you risk not being able to make those payments. But the reward is flexibility for where you live and work, not to mention increased options for social and recreational activities.

Payday loans are a means for getting short-term cash, and just as with a mortgage or rental lease, they carry the risk that you might not be able to use the money effectively or be able to pay the loan back. For example, if you lose your job and half of your last paycheck goes to cover the loan, it might feel painful at that particular juncture. But if you have no reason to expect to be laid off or fired, your risk is minimal.

Here are some of the other risks that are associated with getting, and not getting, a payday cash advance:

  • Payday loan store risks – The traditional means for getting a payday loan in offline company near you (“payday cash advance” is a synonymous term) involve risks to your time, your physical well-being and perhaps the cash you borrow. This is where you go to a bricks-and-mortar payday loan store. By physically transporting yourself there, you may risk taking too much time away from work or family. You are going to a location that is much like a bank, and there can be a target for theft or robbery. Most have surveillance cameras and bulletproof windows for tellers. But that does not cover you, the borrower, after you leave the premises with cash in your pocket.
  • Cyber risks – or are they? – Online payday loans, accessed and processed entirely from your personal computer, help avoid the payday loan risks associated with physical stores on street corners. But some worry about sharing employment and bank information with a company online. Qualified, licensed payday lenders reduce cyber risk through encryption technologies and the very secure and common techniques used for sending money electronically. Multibillion dollar companies use these same technologies every day to handle money transfers and to share valuable information.
  • Risks to privacy – If the payday loan you are getting requires phone calls and faxing documents, there can be a privacy compromise in your workplace. Ever forget to remove a fax or fax confirmation after you sent it? And might there be inquiring ears next to your workstation or cubicle, listening in on your phone calls?

Hazards of Payday Loans

All-online payday loans are fairly easy to conceal, particularly if the lender offers online chat or email customer service.

Privacy at a payday loans store is less possible. Not only might you be seen traveling to or walking into the store, but you also have other people standing in line behind you as you transact your loan. Because you need to speak through a plate glass window, usually, you might have to raise your voice in order to be heard.

Risks you take when short on cash – There was a case when Wells Fargo bank was fined by a federal judge to the tune of $230 million for the bank’s practice of liberally charging customers with overdraft fees. For example, when a customer was overdrawn by $3 in an account, they might be charged $35 in overdraft fees. Still, overdraft fees aren’t going away soon.

If you are short on cash, you have to be careful about how those fees from different debtors add up, and when. The same goes for credit card late payments and penalties, late rent and mortgage payments, and late or delinquent car or truck loan fees. All can easily be greater amounts than the interest rates and fees paid on a short-term payday loan, assuming you pay off your loan on a timely basis.

So while there are many risks associated with different parts of personal finance, it is up to the individual to determine how, when and where to get a payday loan.