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payday loans fresno california

You can apply for an urgent loan online or visit the lender’s office in person. Below we will describe the advantages of applying online, as well as publish a list of direct lenders near you.

Fast online payday loans in Fresno, California, USA with no fax

Why online short term loans are profitable:

✅ You can apply for a loan around the clock (24 hours / 7 days)
✅ Instant decision (within a few minutes)
✅ Any amount from 100 to 1000 dollars (and even $5000)
✅ Faxless payday loans (no fax needed / without faxing)
✅ With BAD credit score or NO credit history
✅ You will receive money within 24 hours (or faster)
✅ Fast and Easy application form (only 3-5 minutes)
✅ Only verified / trusted lenders
✅ Full safety of your data
✅ Same day payday loan approval
✅ No hard credit check (minimum requirements)
✅ Even with low income
✅ Direct money transfer into your bank account
✅ No queues, no waiting
✅ 100+ direct creditors will see your application (the probability of receiving money is very high) and others benefits!
Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online
Apply for a Quick Payday Loan Online

Served areas:

  • Postal / zip codes: 93650 , 93701 , 93702 , 93703 , 93704 , 93705 , 93706 , 93707 , 93708 , 93709 , 93710 , 93711 , 93712 , 93714 , 93715 , 93716 , 93717 , 93718 , 93720 , 93721 , 93722 , 93723 , 93724 , 93725 , 93726 , 93727 , 93728 , 93729 , 93730 , 93737 , 93740 , 93741 , 93744 , 93745 , 93747 , 93750 , 93755 , 93760 , 93761 , 93764 , 93765 , 93771 , 93772 , 93773 , 93774 , 93775 , 93776 , 93777 , 93778 , 93779 , 93786 , 93790 , 93791 , 93792 , 93793 , 93794 , 93844 , 93888
  • Area code(s): 209 , 559

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Direct payday loan companies near you (lenders locations)

Addresses / phone numbers of offices working nearby you:

( want to add, delete or modify your company details? Email us – info@nearmepayday.loan )

Company nameAddressZip codePhone number
California Check Cashing Store4116 N West Ave93705(559) 248-0700
Money Mart1221 Fresno St93706(559) 459-0301
Money Mart3249 W Shaw Ave, Ste 10393711(559) 225-9382
Payday Now3639 E Belmont Ave93702(559) 233-6669
California Check Cashing Store3077 W Shaw Ave, Ste 10193711(559) 224-7135
ALL Cash Express6761 N Milburn Ave93722(559) 261-9568
California Budget Finance370 W Shaw Ave93704(559) 227-7795
California Budget Finance3108 E Gettysburg Ave, Ste 10393726(559) 224-5680
Money Mart3303 N Cedar Ave93726(559) 225-4900
California Check Cashing Stores3089 E Shields Ave93726(559) 227-1400
ALL Cash Express4115 E Ashlan Ave93726(559) 224-6240
Money Mart4848 E Kings Canyon Rd, Ste 10193727(559) 458-0558
California Budget Finance4793 E Olive Ave93702(559) 252-6600
California Budget Finance2341 N West Ave, Ste 10393705(559) 485-2533
Money Mart3302 N Blackstone Ave, Ste 18993726(559) 226-8201
Payday Advance3639 E Belmont Ave93702(559) 233-9191
ALL Cash Express432 E Bullard Ave93710(559) 438-8881
ALL Cash Express4796 E Kings Canyon Rd93702(559) 454-5858
ALL Cash Express785 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 221-5545
ALL Cash Express2425 E Mckinley Ave93703(559) 495-6598
ALL Cash Express7795 N 1st St93720(559) 438-8219
ALL Cash Express3760 W Shields Ave, Ste 10193722(559) 271-9820
ALL Cash Express3241 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 225-8400
Advance America5650 E Kings Canyon Road, Ste 10393727(559) 252-0649
Advance America4195 E. Belmont Ave.93702(559) 266-1848
Advance America671 E Nees Ave93720(559) 431-9008
City Cash Express3125 E Tulare St93702(559) 445-1000
California Check Cashing Stores330 E Bullard Ave93710(559) 261-0300
Fast Auto & Payday Loans3821 N Blackstone Ave, Ste C93726(559) 222-1336
Fast Auto & Payday Loans4939 E Kings Canyon Rd93727(559) 252-4044
Check ‘N Go Store #1252712 W Shaw Ave, Ste 593711(559) 275-5600
Check ‘N Go Store #1113742 W Shields Ave93722(559) 277-7511
Check ‘N Go Store #1153270 E Tulare St93702(559) 233-9100
Check ‘N Go Store #1095665 E Kings Canyon Rd, Ste D10593727(559) 455-5500
Check ‘N Go Store #1204921 N Blackstone Ave93726(559) 224-5400
TNL Car Title Loans7815 N Palm Ave, Ste 46093711(559) 785-9625
Check ‘N Go3068 N Cedar Ave93703(559) 291-4500
California Check Cashing Stores4809 E Kings Canyon Rd93727(559) 251-2040
Fash Cash Inc3061 E Shields Ave93726(559) 227-1400
Tnl Car Title Loans1040 E Herndon Ave, Ste 10193720(559) 400-8195
ALL Cash Express34 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 230-0424
Money Mart4043 N Blackstone Ave93726(559) 225-5722
Payday Now Payday Advance3765 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 275-6669
Diversified Wealth Management7498 N Remington Ave, Suite 10393711(559) 412-8492
TitleMax Title Loans5404 N Blackstone Ave93710(559) 436-4354
Allied Cash Advance3068 N Cedar Avenue93703(559) 228-3241
ALL Cash Express3760 W Shields Ave93722(559) 761-1019
Check Into Cash4188 E. Dakota Avenue, Suite 10593726(559) 222-4063
Check Into Cash5247 Kings Canyon Road, Suite 10593727(559) 252-9272
MKG TAX CONSULTANTS909 E Belmont Ave93701(559) 412-7248
ALL Cash Express4796 E Kings Canyon Rd93702(559) 761-1029
Thanks For Payment3091 N Apricot Ave93727(559) 942-3528
Cash2loan3125 E Tulare St93702(559) 492-2380
Check Into Cash2087 West Shaw Avenue93711(559) 248-0651
AFEX3190 E Tulare St93702(559) 486-6477
ALL Cash Express2425 E Mckinley Ave93703(559) 761-1039
X-Press Check Cashing217 E Olive Ave93728(559) 268-4066
Fresno Check Cashing1411 W Shields Ave, # A93705(559) 229-8932
Union Bank7075 N Marks Ave93711(559) 446-2590
Union Bank6666 N Cedar Ave93710(559) 862-2888
Liquor King Check Cashing6751 N Blackstone Ave, Ste 10593710(559) 438-5465
Valero Gas Station4588 E Shields Ave93726(559) 252-2000
Union Bank7108 N Fresno St, Ste 10093720(559) 436-2700
Union Bank3015 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 492-4288
Union Bank1069 E Champlain Dr93720(559) 492-4266
Valero Stop & Shop Liquor 24588 E Shields Ave93726(559) 252-2000
Las Palma Check Cashing3075 Tulare St93721(559) 485-5948
Fresno Check Cashing CO5210 E Olive Ave93727(559) 454-0620
Caseta De Envios1435 Fresno St, Ste 9B93706(559) 266-3487
ALL Cash Express785 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 825-6267
ALL Cash Express3241 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 761-1026
Pay Day1784 E Barstow Ave93710(559) 438-6669
Union Bank5669 E Kings Canyon Rd, Ste 10193727(559) 252-3795
C & C Check Cashing3302 N Blackstone Ave93726(559) 226-8200
J & L Check Cashing2819 W Clinton Ave, Ste 10393705(559) 441-1807
ALL Cash Express432 E Bullard Ave93710(559) 825-6209
ALL Cash Express1585 N West Ave93728(559) 486-0112
California Budget Finance2110 N Blackstone Ave, Ste 10193703(559) 227-9215
Advance America3630 W. Shaw Ave.93711(559) 271-7668
Advance America3890 N. Cedar #10393726(559) 227-6783
Advance America4067 W. Clinton Avenue93722(559) 271-1461
California Check Cashing Store460 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 225-6802
Advance America1068 Fresno Street93706(559) 486-5593
Advance America4910 E. Kings Canyon, Ste. 10793727(559) 252-6268
Advance America5054 N. Blackstone Ave., Ste. 10293710(559) 227-5041
Advance America Cash Advance5054 N Blackstone Ave, Ste 10293710(559) 228-4038
TitleMax Title Loans4785 E Kings Canyon Rd93702(559) 452-1107
Union Bank1458 Kern St93706(559) 233-0591
Monetary Management Of CA Inc4043 N Blackstone Ave93726(559) 225-5721
J And L Check Cashing1585 N West Ave93728(559) 478-5180
Check N Go5665 East Kings Canyon Road, Suite D10593727(559) 892-0295
Check N Go3270 East Tulare93702(559) 512-7178
Check N Go4921 North Blackstone Avenue93726(559) 400-8964
Check N Go3742 West Shields Avenue93722(559) 512-1175
Check N Go2712 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 593711(559) 412-5083
Advance America1104 U St93721(559) 486-5593
Oportun3850 N Cedar Ave93726(855) 444-7001
Far West Property5100 N 6th St, Ste 17093710(559) 222-2170
Oportun3190 E Tulare St93702(855) 444-7001
Finance & Thrift4177 W Shaw Ave, Ste 10793722(559) 271-4733
Montana Capital Car Title Loans4411 E Belmont Ave93702(559) 203-7116
Academy Mortgage Corp7485 N Palm Ave, Ste 10593711(559) 389-5828
Oportun4817 E Butler Ave93727(855) 444-7001
Cash Two Loan3125 E Tulare St93702(559) 492-2380
Academy Mortgage – Fresno7485 N Palm Ave, Ste 10593711(559) 389-5828
Onemain Financial6061 E Kings Canyon Rd, Ste 10793727(559) 252-1926
Onemain Financial550 S Clovis Ave, Ste 10193727(559) 252-1926
County Bank2150 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 446-6000
Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation1444 Fulton St93721(559) 222-8705
Gold Leaf Mortgage1141 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 320-4653
Wide Homes Valley5067 N Mariposa St, Ste 10593710(559) 492-2991
Aegis Lending Corporation575 E Locust Ave93720(559) 435-9398
TNL Car Title Loans Fresno2125 Kern St #30293721(559) 892-0740
Asset Funding GroupPO Box 2629693729(559) 978-3500
Bank Of America1264 N Wishon Ave93728(530) 753-1833
Freeman Financial Service700 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 222-7576
Funding Your Goals341 W Escalon Ave93704(559) 473-7667
Lendmark Financial Service3140 W Shaw Ave, Ste 10993711(559) 274-1752
Banc Home Loans5260 N Palm Ave, Ste 22893704(559) 228-6678
Scenic Oaks Funding1515 E Shaw Ave93710(559) 224-4931
Jr Home Center5048 N Blackstone Ave93710(559) 222-9900
East Financial Services Inc6535 N Palm Ave, Ste 10493704(559) 435-5593
Onemain Financial7430 N Fresno St93720(559) 432-1695
Design Lenders Inc1616 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 227-3572
Valley Pacific Builders4950 E Yale Ave, Ste 10193727(559) 251-5592
CTX Mortgage Company855 M St93721(559) 320-0235
Business Community Capital2307 N Fine Ave93727(559) 453-2408
Traders Financial Corporation7257 N Maple Ave, Ste 11093720(559) 322-5140
Central Valley Home Center4636 E Belmont Ave93702(559) 497-1630
Chartered Financial Group2596 E Houston Ave93720(559) 323-1947
Westamerica Bank2150 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 437-4914
Montana Capital Car Title Loans2225 N Pleasant Ave93705(559) 203-7755
Montana Capital Car Title Loans4715 N Blackstone Ave93726(559) 203-7759
Montana Capital Car Title Loans7133 N Blackstone Ave93650(559) 203-7358
Montana Capital Car Title Loans5150 N 6th Street #174B93710(559) 203-7770
Montana Capital Car Title Loans4787 E Kings Canyon Rd Suite 10193702(559) 201-0878
United Security Bank7088 N 1st St93720(559) 248-4949
California Bank & Trust5240 N Palm Ave, Ste 10093704(559) 438-2651
Comerica Bank5200 N Palm Ave Ste 32093704(559) 244-3900
McCaffrey Home Mortgage1171 W Shaw Ave93711(559) 224-1296
National Money Mart Co6789 N Blackstone Ave93710(559) 449-1633
Westamerica Bank2440 Tulare St Ste 11093721(559) 495-4150
California Bank & Trust7060 N Fresno St93720(559) 438-2600
Westamerica Bank5751 S Elm Ave93706(559) 266-5356
Tri Counties Bank7020 N Marks Ave, Ste 10193711(559) 435-8089
Security First Bank663 W Nees Ave93711(559) 225-1700
Westamerica Bank7032 N 1st St93720(559) 437-5870

Use google map to find the nearest credit institution:

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